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At IBEX, we believe in keeping
things simple and keeping you happy!

No high-tech add-ons that cost you more
but do nothing to improve results or enhance performance.

Our Radiance Ring® design focuses on getting
evenly-distributed radiant energy
to where it matters most-
Your Work!

Our support team is here for you!
You will be very pleased with our
personal attention and service.

  Summit User Manual  

burnout ovens   IBEX's

APEX Burn-Out Ovens

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burnout oven

                 IBEX is committed to supporting the
American economy and American jobs:

All our furnaces are 100% made and assembled in the United States
using American-sourced components.

Made in America

We proudly say

Experience the difference with IBEX!

IBEX Muffle Technology in the Summit Press

Making use of IBEX’s exclusive Radiance Ring® muffle, the Summit Press precisely controls the energy applied to the entire investment ring.  
Providing uniform energy to the investment ring will make even the most difficult material press quickly and with little to no reaction layer. This allows the technician to wax full contour with greater detail in anatomy and get sharp, accurate margins under 0.5mm.

IBEX Muffle
Read more about IBEX’s exclusive
Radiance Ring® muffle.


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