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Read what your peers in the industry are saying
about their Summit porcelain and pressing furnaces.


"We could not be happier with the results!"

Dear Daniel,
I just wanted to write and thank you for convincing me that your oven would press as good as the Ivoclar for less than half the price. After heeding your advice on disposable plungers, we found we could not be happier with the results we are achieving. There has been little to no reaction layer when using these plungers and the time it saves is monumental. The time we save not having to deal with the reaction layer makes your oven a value in today’s market. Thank you again for producing a quality product at a fair price!

Al Anderson
Anderson Dental Studio, Minnesota
 porcelain furnace
    "Well-designed, easy to program"

Glidewell Laboratories has tested the Summit Press furnace from IBEX
in two of its major ceramics departments. It is well-designed, easy to program,
and it presses the most popular ceramic ingots very well. Even IPS e.max is
 processed with very little reaction layer.

Wolfgang Friebauer, MDT, CDT
Director of Education, Research & Development
Glidewell Laboratories, CA
  "An incredibly accurate and reliable oven"

For over 20 years, I have used many different furnaces, Consistency of results is one of the most important
qualities I look for in an oven, and I have found it with the Summit, no matter what type of material I use.
   Consistently, I see the color and texture I have been trying to achieve. No matter what type of material
I am using, be it pressable ceramic, Zirconia, high- or low-fusing porcelain, or titanium, I always get
consistent results.

     Whether using the porcelain or pressing furnace, this is an incredibly accurate and reliable oven. I love it!

Luke Kahng, CDT
Owner of LSK121 Oral Prosthetics, IL
 "This is how e.max should work!"

 I was looking for a pressing furnace that had predictable outcomes and
was less expensive than Ivoclar. I spoke to Daniel at a trade show and
his answers to my questions were both scientifically supportable and technically
sound. I decided to acquire the Ibex Summit combo furnace. As I am the
manager and not the owner of the lab, this decision weighed heavily on me.

    Upon completion of installation [of the furnace] I began pressing real
 cases immediately: there was work to be done and the furnace had to go
from the start. Daniel was readily available to provide customer service and
answer any questions I had. This proved to be very valuable.
    The pressings I now make are clean, smooth, and accurate. Using this
furnace has reduced my working time on e.max cases significantly. This is
how e.max should work. For me, doing e.max cases has changed from a
task that was dreaded to one that is routine and predictable. This furnace
has helped, and I would not hesitate to order another one of these.

Richard Green
Jet Lab, UT
     "My pressings have become
much more consistent"

Because of the advanced circuitry and the muffle design my pressings have become much more consistent. I am more able to adjust the shading density because of the accurate adjustments I am able to make.  With clients more happy, they are more inclined to do more, therefore increasing my business. I am very impressed with the quality of service I have received from your furnace and your company.

Danny Diebel, CDT, FNBC
Dental Arts Studio, TX
  “I will not glaze one of my crowns in any other furnace”

I first learned of the Ibex Summit when the lab I work for agreed to test one of their furnaces and critique its performance.
   I put the programs in from the porcelain manual and tried my first crown in the oven. I only put one crown in it. If you are a ceramist you know not to trust a new oven: they usually over-fire or under-fire with the manual cycle. This oven didn’t- it was right on. Since then, I will not glaze one of my crowns in any other furnace.

Vicki Decker
Di Martino Dental Lab, WA

"Has enabled me to predictably use lithium disilicate"

I have been pleased with the exceptional quality of the margins
of my restorations. Additionally, my technician's ability to
characterize the crowns has enabled me to predictably
use lithium disilicate for single anterior restorations.

Lisa R. Burkett, DDS, MS
Austin, TX

     IBEX porcelain furnace   
    "Consistently superior performance at a very reasonable price"

 To anyone looking for exceptional oven performance at a reasonable price, I would like to recommend
the Ibex Summit.  Daniel’s electronic knowledge and the engineers that work with him have produced an oven that performs at the highest levels.   As a Regional Technical Advisor for GC America, I need to have my equipment performing at the highest levels, time after time.  With the Ibex Summit, I do! I have been very pleased with the consistent firing performance and trouble-free operation of the Summit.  As a technician, I would recommend this oven to anyone looking for consistently superior performance at a very reasonable price.

Steve Nash, MDT
GC America Technical Advisor, CA

“Clients can tell if I don’t fire their case in the Summit!”


In my travels I have fired porcelain in just about every oven made. I have NEVER seen the depth consistency (refraction index)

and the shade fidelity that I get in the Summit. It really is incredible,but I have clients that can tell

if I don’t fire their case in the Summit!

My clients see a soft, natural vibrancy that, at best, only occurs randomly in other furnaces

such as the Zubler, Dekema, Ivoclar, and high-end KDF types… this oven has allowed me to excel

beyond my greatest expectations- it’s like having lightning in a bottle!

Jim Emmons, CDT, FNBC
Spectrafire Dental Technologies



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