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IBEX Porcelain Furnace

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Furnace Features *Small footprint            *Consistent Results            *No Hot or Cold Spots             *USB programmability
*High Efficiency Cooling Fan                                    *User-friendly, intuitive design
*Simple Touch Screen Operation                             *Temperature Calibration Eliminated
*Ultra Accurate Temperature Control                    *Ability to edit parameters mid-program
*Exclusive Radiance Ring™ technology                  *Superior Performance at an Exceptional Price

The IBEX Muffle..
IBEX Muffle in Porcelain Furnace
The Ibex long-life muffle with Radiance Ring™  technology provides unparalleled consistency
of even firings regardless of the location the work has been placed on the tray, firing after firing.

With the help of the Radiance Ring™, heat is able to bathe the firing tray in one smooth, homogenous band of energy.
Technical Specifications

Power Supply 105-125 VAC
Power Usage 1200 Watts
Muffle Chamber 3.125" Diameter x 2.25" High
Muffle Windings Open-Wire with Radiance Ring™
Max. Temperature 1200° C /  2200° F
Dimensions 11"L x 11"W x 20.75"H
Shipping Weight 48 lbs
  To learn more about what makes this muffle special, click here

The Star Test
Proof of Superior Firing

IBEX Porcelain Ovens

Can your oven match the SUMMIT Star Test in uniform translucency and shade fidelity?
 Try this simple exercise created to demonstrate how uniformly a furnace is capable of firing porcelain
on various areas of the tray.

*  Make a set of 5 or more tabs. (To show the effectiveness of the SUMMIT muffle, we fired 25 tabs simultaneously.) Place the tabs evenly in a pattern like that of the tabs shown to the left, and then fire them. Be sure the thickness of your tabs is as consistent as possible.

*  Remove the tabs and compare the depth, translucency, and color fidelity of each tab. In most ovens you will find hot and cold spots which interfere with the consistency of the tabs. Depending upon their placement in the oven, some tabs will be more translucent than others. In the IBEX SUMMIT furnance, there are no hot and cold spots. Our tempertures are the same throughout the chamber, allowing you to fire consistently, time and time again.

User's Manual
SUMMIT Porcelain Furnace

Our User's Manual contains valuable information for the optimum performance of your oven. While the Summit Porcelain is very intuitive in its operation, you will find tips and instructions that will assure the over's best performance.
The manual contains a troubleshooting section in case you need it. But rest assured, we are just a phone call away if you need assistance. We pride ourselves on being available for you. 
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